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Hair Design and Corrective Skin Care
For Men And Women - Porfolios available
Medical Grade Microderm. & Hydroxy Fruit Acid Peels 
Hydra Facial , Light  Therapy
(Facial Sculpting)
Brazilian Blowout
Straightening  By Yuko
Style Cut & Color

Call Luu's Hair Design. We have been providing hair and skin care services for many years. Ask about our coupon offer regarding your haircuts, highlights and extension needs. We look forward to making you look beautiful!

If your destination is beauty, there’s only one road that you need to take today: the one that leads you to Luu's Hair Design! Combine our extensive selection of beauty products with a comprehensive range of beauty enhancing treatments, and you’ve got the perfect salon! Everyone deserves a little pampering, and in our hectic, stress-inducing world, it’s practically becoming a survival technique! Luu's Hair Design is the ideal place to come spend a few relaxing hours rejuvenating and enlivening yourself.

We have over 20 years of hair care experience and 13 years of skin care



March 10 2013

"If you're considering skin care, I highly recommend Luu's Wellness Package. You won't be disappointed! I was a little skeptical but just trying to believe! Luu starts with an Alpha Hydroxy peel 30% followed by microdermabrasion. I have had all 6 steps for an awesome result which includes then the Hydrafacial, the application of Dermabuilder with multi peptides to plump up the skin. Vitamin C for brighter and smoother skin and lastly, the LED Light treatment. The complete package only takes about 90 minutes and Luu knows what she is doing, always taking the time to make sure we get the maximum benefit. At home, I follow with the clinical skin line that she carries and I feel like a million bucks. At my age, that is a great feeling!"

Neusa Fraser